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It is with great sincerity that I, Pastor Daniel E. Dagan, thank you for allowing HOPE APOSTOLIC UPC the honor of you visiting our website.  I trust this will be an enjoyable, uplifting, and spiritual experience.  Please allow me an opportunity to tell you a little bit about our exciting and growing church.

HOPE APOSTOLIC UPC is a church that stands upon Bible doctrine, “line upon line and precept upon precept.”  We stand for Bible truths without compromising or condemning.  Let me take a moment to define the word Apostolic, it is “relating to or traceable back to the Apostles, the originals.” In Acts 11:15, 15:8 we see that the experience the new Gentiles converts had was measured back against the experience of the Apostles and others in Acts 2. To say we are Apostolic is to believe and live our faith as the Apostles did. To say that we are Pentecostal ties us to just an experience, the baptism of the Spirit with the initial sign of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. As great as that is, it does not fully represent what we are. To say that we are Apostolic is to say that we have embraced the teaching, walk, and lifestyle as put forth by Jesus, through His Apostles in the Book of Acts and the Epistles. All scripture is inspired by God. As New Covenant believers we strive to mirror our principle-based beliefs and practices upon the “Original Apostolic Church”, the one body!

This church will always be open to “whosoever will.”  In a vacation state, this church presents the “God of Rest.”  Our sincere prayer is that, from the handshake at the door to the prayer at the end, you will feel God’s love and power.  The gospel theme of death, burial, and resurrection is the foundation of salvation and we stand upon it.  We also try to emphasize the power of God’s Spirit in every aspect of our service.  The touch of God transforms our gathering into a visitation!

 I pledge to you and this community, before God almighty, to give my very best to serve, help and minister to you and yours.  Thus, in doing this, God will help us to build a great church one person at a time.  I am totally confident that God will provide us with the needed co-labors and resources so we can not only impact S.W. Florida but also touch the world. Our chief goal is to please and work for God in serving you and others. Currently, I am working with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department and Charlotte County Jail as a Volunteer Chaplain.  I conduct a service within the jail weekly. I am honored to be an endorsed Chaplain with the United Pentecostal Church International. I also have had the opportunity of opening several Charlotte County Commissioners monthly meetings with prayer. From March 2017 to the present I have been honored to serve as the Presbyter of Section 11 of the Florida District of the United Pentecostal Church International. The Lord has given me a burden to write and declare his word. My first book, "Growing by Grace - a Study of Personal Holiness", is available through the Pentecostal Publish House. This is offered as an e-book and paperback in English. In May of 2020, I submitted a Spanish version of this book to PPH to be considered for resale. Recently, I have also submitted my second book, "The UnVeiling - a Study Guide of End Time Prophecy." It is a 340-page look at the events of the end of time. 

Please do not hesitate to call upon HOPE APOSTOLIC UPC or myself if we may ever be of service to you or yours! We will do our best to help as many as we can. After eleven years of being a bi-vocational pastor, the Lord allowed me to move into full-time pastoral ministry in the fall of 2015. As a church leadership team, we are committed to reaching and growing people for God's GLORY. My wife is a public school teacher and brings her training and expertise into our children and teen ministries. She is my co-laborer in the work of God. She is a great prayer warrior and minister in her own right. We provide children and teen classes on Sunday morning during Sunday School and at our Wednesday service. We are committed to reaching the whole family.

Our ministry is sustained by the prayers, labors, kindness, and giving of God's good people. If you feel directed, you may partner with us and give an online secure donation through the PAYPAL DONATE button below. I trust that it will be a great blessing to you and all those that are being blessed by this ministry. You will receive a printable tax deductable receipt after making your donation. My family and I hope to see or hear from you real soon.


 May God richly bless you and your family!

 Yours in His Service,

 Pastor Daniel E. Dagan


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